SMARTLINK LABS is a research organisation, focussing on eHealth, digital health and clinical research.


Medical data quality

When looking at a medical record it's difficult to evaluate the quality and reliability of this data. We research algorithms and patterns for error detection and to score the quality and validity of medical data.

Data capture and interoperability

Medical data is available from many sources and in different formats. We research methods for better capturing, translation and mapping of medical data from any source and any format (coded, structured or unstructured).

Medical information usability

Mostly medical data is not ready to use. We research ways to make medical data available as user friendly medical information when it's relevant, adapted to the context and the user profile.

(Big) data and privacy

Storing medical data is a complex regarding privacy and security. We research concepts of authentication, encryption and anonimisation for storing researchable big data in compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.

Application domains

Medical records

Patient Health Records

Patient Reported Outcome (ePRO)

Patient registries

Clinical Research Trials

Electronic Data Capture (EDC)

Risk Based Monitoring

Medication Adherence

Healthcare Quality Indicators

Safety Reporting / Pharmacovigilance

Medical need / compassionate use


1. INFOMED® patent pending

INFOMED is Personal Health Record and a powerful platform for patient engagement and personalised care.

2. ClinCare®

ClinCare is a platform to capture and manage clinical data. It enables bio-pharma, and CROs to efficiently conduct clinical trials (phases I-IV and all therapeutic areas), medical needs programs, patient registries, and patient reported outcome.

3. Safety Reporting

Safety Reporting is a safety management platform for clinical trials and marketed products. The web-based platform provides all of the functionality required to manage adverse reaction reporting for drugs, vaccines, devices, and combination products.


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Brussels Life Science Incubator (BLSI)
Clos Chapelle-aux-Champs, 30 bte/bus 1.30.30
1200 Brussels

Company registration nr: 0554 867 219

Contact: Rud Tielemans
Phone: +32 495 206003

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